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How to Treat Knee Pain While Running

Most running enthusiasts are familiar with the common ailment of runner’s knee or to give the correct title, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. The pattern is familiar. Pain starts as a mild pain around the knee or behind the knee cap which is exaggerated when running especially up or

Evaluation of Knee Pain in Children and What to Do

Children in growing age are prone to knee pain syndromes. Generally, knee pain comes out as a traumatic reaction between bone growth and ligaments. In some cases, physical injuries during sports and other activities lead to it. In rare cases, congenital factor plays the major role. However,

Baker’s Cyst Definition and the Proper Treatment

Taking care of health is a must and taking care of the Baker’s cyst once it’s occurred is something very important.Once this condition occurs there will swelling of fluid at the back of the knee. It can be a painful condition therefore baker’s cyst treatment is needed.